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Traditional style

Traditional style door hardware
Traditional style is rooted in the past and is focused on comfort, familiarity and romanticism.
Traditional style door levers and knobs


Traditional style hails from 19th century European design and encompasses the Georgian, Federal and Victorian movements.


Transitional style

Transitional style door hardware
Transitional style is adaptable yet ever evolving, borrowing trends and fashions from design movements throughout history.
Transitional style door levers and knobs


Transitional design stems from a movement focused on blending design styles and eras, a concept that became popular in American homes around the mid-1940s and has carried through to present day.


Contemporary style

Contemporary style door hardware
Contemporary spaces rely on the simplicity of color and shape to provide their aesthetic appeal, rather than elaborate design.
Contemporary style door levers and knobs


Contemporary style is focused on clean lines and basic shapes, all made popular throughout the design movements of the late 20th century.