door lever on bathroom door

Door Lever Designs

Schlage’s levers and door handles are designed to match your personal style and protect what matters most. Choose from high-quality door levers in stylish design and finish combinations – explore different door handle options below.

Shop by Function

Some door levers have push-button locks (like bedroom and bathroom levers), while some may simply latch (like a pantry door). There are also inactive levers for doors that close without a latch. Browse available functions below to find the door handle you need.

Shop by Trim Style

Trim is the decorative back piece that gives your home’s door hardware a distinct foundation. If you prefer to shop by trim, you can find different finishes and knob designs available in your selected trim.

Questions about door levers.

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Are there antimicrobial coating in Schlage levers/knobs?
Schlage residential locks do not come with a antimicrobial coating; we recommend maintaining the finish with mild soap and warm water.

Can I swap out a knob for a lever?
Schlage door knobs are not interchangeable with Schlage door levers. You will need to order a new lock set if you want to switch from knob to levers (or vice versa). This applies to all Schlage Residential locks. F, FC, FCT, J, U, and V series.

How to Reverse levers
Your lock includes a tool for removing the levers, a “pin wrench” made of a heavy piece of wire with a loop at one end. On the interior lever, the tool is inserted in a small hole in the stem of the lever, and pressure applied, depressing a spring retainer, which allows the lever to be pulled from the stem and removed. To remove the exterior lever, the key must be inserted into the lock and turned to a vertical position, and the same steps followed to remove the lever. The levers are then swapped side to side to reverse the handing.

Note: If your lever is upside down on the F10 and F40 functions, you will need to remove levers and turn you chassis 180 degress ( or in other words - upside down), then you can switch your levers to the correct orientation.

Are your Dexter by Schlage J10 levers ADA compliant?
Yes, all ADA compliant hardware is designated to operate the opening and closing of a door and must be able to be used with only one hand. It also cannot require the user to tightly grasp, pinch, or twist their wrists to operate the handle. Generally speaking, a closed fist or loose grip should be all a user needs to operate the door or it is not up to ADA compliance standards.