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Life in technicolor

Hollywood’s Golden Age is finding a resurgence in our living rooms. We’re not referring to classic dramatic films, but instead the ornate prints, chic crystal and statement furniture pieces that made homes and movie sets from this era so iconic.


You don’t have to live on a movie star budget to afford the Hollywood Regency style. From polished hardware and decorative sconces to elaborate fabrics and bright colors, we’ll show you how to infuse the glitz and glamour of the era right into your home.

Hollywood Regency - Latitude lever with Century trim - Satin Brass - Schlage Custom

"Consumers are looking beyond conventional style categories today."

– Judd Lord, Director of Industrial Design, Brizo

Your modern glamour


Vintage style has always been popular - whether you’re mixing hand-me-downs with modern pieces or just have an affinity for days gone by, Hollywood Regency is all about mixing eras. From neoclassical and art deco to modern and beyond, interior designer and furniture designer Barclay Butera says that Hollywood Regency is not about “the furnishings or accessories, but the feelings they create.”


In some ways, Hollywood Regency is a home trend that’s perfect for new homeowners and growing households who are not entirely sure what they want their style to be. And, because many people start with pieces from here and there, it’s easy to mix and match styles with minor updates to pull them all together.


To do this, incorporate details in the tiniest of places, such as the hardware on your doors and drawers to fabrics on throw pillows and fringe on your lampshades. You’ll not only elevate your home’s style to dazzling and glamorous, but you’ll also do it on a budget.

Hollywood Regency - Gorgeous Glass - Schlage

Statement furniture

Movie stars during the 1930s were notorious for throwing elaborate parties that everyone would talk about. With your furniture, you want to do just that - inspire conversation and make a statement.


Say goodbye to form and function. You want pieces you won’t see anywhere else and are truly the star of the show (or your living room). Think of your armchair as your leading lady and the rest of your home the movie set. Make it stand out and shine by placing it front-and-center.

Hollywood Regency - Statement furniture - Schlage

Gorgeous glass

Between glitzy lighting and glamorous mirrors, nothing is too fancy when it comes to Hollywood Regency. Crystal chandeliers were exceedingly popular among 1930s starlets, and it’s no wonder - who doesn’t love the soft light given by a chandelier?


For a more understated glow, consider a wall sconce or lamp that features the same crystal detail as a chandelier.

Hollywood Regency style - Polished nickel hardware - Schlage Sacramento Lever

Bold colors and elaborate prints

Create a dramatic backdrop with paint and wallpaper you won’t see anywhere else. When it comes to color, look for bold colors that pack a punch when juxtaposed against black, white and gray. Also think of how it contrasts with other elements in the room - you want things to stand out, but not necessarily clash. While it’s fun to play with color, it’s typically best to stick with one and use it with neutrals to make it really pop. Find other room elements in a similar shade to keep it monochromatic, but not boring.


Consider pairing your bold color with a fabric with an elaborate print. Damask, paisley and floral are all great classic prints to start with, but modern geometric shapes and stripes would also make a statement. Just as with your room’s color, choose one and go big. Bringing in too many prints will create a chaotic look that’s neither inviting nor relaxing.


"Hollywood Regency is anything but understated. This complex style combines pattern, texture and materials to produce visually intricate decor."  – Ted Roberts, Industrial Design Manager, Schlage

Hollywood Regency - Bold color - Schlage

Polished metals

Shine isn't just for costume jewelry. Consider upgrading your home’s hardware to a more polished look. Schlage’s Polished Nickel finish exudes sophistication and unites mirrored furniture that is becoming popular again.


“Polished Nickel aligns with the reflective nature of the style. The finish is a mirror but adds a touch of warmth not found in chrome,” says Ted Roberts, Schlage’s Industrial Design Manager.

For homes with a warmer environment, consider a Satin Brass finish, featuring hints of gold that is a perfect modern brass alternative.


Complementing silver and gold accents in your décor with ornate hardware shows an eye for detail that made Golden Hollywood films famous.


"Cool finishes like Stainless Steel and Chrome previously dominated the home landscape and while these finishes are still popular, we’re excited to see design enthusiasts incorporate warmer tones [that add] an air of sophistication in both the kitchen and bath."


– Judd Lord, Director of Industrial Design, Brizo

Your home transformation starts here.

For more design inspiration, including how to incorporate Satin Brass and Polished Nickel finishes into your home, visit Schlage’s Style Center. You’ll find design guides, home renovation tips and more information about all of Schlage’s styles, finishes and products.