7 amazing remodels that came out of 2020.


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7 amazing remodels that came out of 2020.

By jonnathan.rivas

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

2020 remodels| Schlage

Here are some home renovation projects from 2020 you’ll want to remember.



Who really wants to look back at 2020? What are the highlights for those typical year-end top-10 lists? While things have been difficult to say the least, some of us were able to make lemonade out of some pretty sour lemons. We used our extra stay-at-home time to learn new DIY skills and finally tackle some of the projects on our list. The best part, we transformed our homes to make them work for us better than ever. Here are some home renovation projects from 2020 you’ll actually want to remember.

Better kitchens for more homemade meals

When restaurant dining areas closed, homecooked meals became the norm rather than the exception. We took to the kitchen like never before, but unfortunately, many homeowners came to realize that their kitchens just didn’t work for them. The layout was bad, they didn’t have the right tools or the space was just plain uninspiring. That’s why kitchen remodels top our list of favorite 2020 upgrades.

Pretty Handy Girl

Brittany of Pretty Handy Girl had her work cut out for her with this tiny, closed-off 1950s kitchen, but we love how she brought the best of Mid-Century Modern style to this space. One of the biggest tasks was knocking out some walls, which made the newly remodeled kitchen feel larger and brighter with more natural light. Brittany then relied on light fixtures, graphic wall décor and cabinets to capture that popular mid-century vibe.

After she knocked out that wall, there was only one door to contend with and Brittany installed a Schlage Latitude lever with Century trim on it. The straight lines of the hardware fit right in with the overall style, and the Matte Black finish was the perfect complement to the dark finishes of the open shelving and granite countertop. If ever there was a transformation that was both modern and classic, this is it.


Jenni’s original kitchen was one tone – ugh. The gorgeous remodel, on the other hand, hit all the right notes. It’s a beautiful mix between soft and bright with dark and bold. The porcelain tile backsplash over the stove and natural wood complement the black cabinets better than you might expect. Even Jenni said the black cabinetry was a bit of leap of faith for her. To make them look even more high-end, she added brass cabinet pulls.

Which brings us to another highlight. Mixing metals was done to perfection here. Those brass pulls play well with the brass in the light fixture over the butcher block and the undertones in the natural wood. Meanwhile, the stainless steel faucet complements the appliances and grays in the flooring. And finally, black. We already mentioned the black cabinets, so it makes perfect sense to pull that in again with the lighting over the door, pot racks and a Matte Black Schlage Custom™ Dempsey lever with Rosewood trim.

Reworked space for business and pleasure

Like kitchens, home offices were in high demand this year. In many homes, that meant carving out workspace where there wasn’t one before. Working from home and e-learning required dedicated areas for focus and productivity instead of open floor plans and new levels of privacy. To find those, we renovated creatively.

Homemade by Carmona

Ursula of Homemade by Carmona took a deep closet that wasn’t being used to its fullest potential and turned it into the perfect nook office. There’s so much to love about this remodel. The shelves were handmade, and the desk drawers are actually repurposed cabinet bases. On top of it all, it’s the fine details that make this look like an intentional space, not just somewhere you randomly stuck a table. The brass on the lighting fixture, chair legs and door knob trim help tie it all together.

If you’re wondering about those doors, Ursula used bifold doors, which are great for spaces where you don’t have much swing clearance. She then added non-turning Schlage Custom™ Hobson glass knobs with a Satin Brass Collins trim. Learn more about non-turning door knobs with this guide.

Anthony Carrino

We so often choose older homes for their character. Anthony Carrino did exactly that with this 100-year-old firehouse and then ramped up the character with his own flair. Your eye is probably drawn to the eclectic décor, especially the antlers and gold-print wallpaper, that has a more modern feel. But a closer look reveals he’s kept many vintage touches. An original firepole remains in the corner, the brass bar cart is definitely a nod to the 1920s and that door hardware? The Schlage Custom™ Alexandria knob with Collins trim is almost as classic as they come.


With such a collection of styles in one room, what’s to keep it from looking chaotic? For starters, all those warm finishes tie it together. The gold of the fireman’s pole is mirrored in the wallpaper, bar cart and door hardware. And those tones play nicely with the warm browns in Anthony’s comfy chairs.


That this is an office space is almost lost, although that’s not necessarily a bad thing. We’ve all grown used to making a home office out of nothing or, now that we’re spending more time there, personalizing our office to be more comfortable and enjoyable. Quite simply, we love this example of a home office that captures the homeowner’s personality and style.

DIY doors for a new welcoming statement

Many of us found ways to make small projects pay off big this year. For some it was a garden project or upcycling old coffee tables, but for others, it was updating doors. We often forget about doors during interior remodels, but we bet you’ll remember these before-and-after transformations.

Yellow Brick Home

It’s hard to believe that this hallway started out as part of a dark, dank basement. Kim and Scott of Yellow Brick Home took this den area from an unfinished space with cinder block walls to a complete rental apartment with two bedrooms, a bathroom, laundry and kitchenette.


To save money, they needed a way to hide their utilities instead of relocating them, too. All of those changes meant doors, doors and more doors. To brighten up the basement space, they chose these beautiful five-panel doors in an airy white. Dark door hardware adds a bit of drama and style without making the hall feel gloomy again.


The transitional-style Schlage Custom™ Hobson knobs with Matte Black Century trims are the perfect complement to their 100-year-old house. They stay true to the home’s architecture without feeling outdated. In the end, it’s hard to even remember what this basement looked like before.

Jenna Sue Design Co.

When Jenna bought a 1940s fixer upper, the house came with what we’ll generously call a diverse mix of doors. In the course of updating the home, this DIYer recognized the importance of doors for overall sophistication and found new ones that not only created a more cohesive style but matched the era of the home as well. The finishing touch of this makeover is the glass Schlage Hobson knob with Century trim. Just like we saw in the Yellow Brick Home above, it’s a classic look that’s hard not to love.

In areas where multiple doors can be seen, like in this hallway, Jenna chose matching hardware and door paint colors. But this home remodel also shows where you can branch out with your style. With each room designed uniquely, Jenna chose different looks for inside the rooms. Case in point: this Schlage Georgian knob with Brookshire trim on a dark door. Between the hardware style and Antique Brass finish, it’s the perfect fit for traditional homes.
If you read Jenna’s blog to the end, you’ll even see how she updated an interior door with one of our smart locks, the Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt. Because she plans to rent the house on Airbnb, the extra security is perfect for a supply closet where she can stash anything she doesn’t want guests to have access to. The keyless entry on this door will simplify their cleaning and turnover process, making the rental property easier to manage.

Seeking Alexi

Changing a closet door can’t really do that much, can it? DIYer Alexi shows it’s absolutely possible. The first before picture shows a dark, outdated hollow core door. We’ve all seen them and none of us loves them. Then she painted it a lighter color to match the walls and added the Schlage Latitude lever with Century trim.


But Alexi wasn’t done yet. The final product is a sophisticated gray that works beautifully with other décor in the entryway. She also added some trim on the door, giving it architectural interest. It’s an ideal way to make hollow core doors look expensive even when you’re on a budget.

After & Before

With a whole new year ahead us, it’s time to stock up on inspiration. Get more ideas and how-to tips at the Schlage blog or follow us on Pinterest and Instagram. You can also check out our guide to accomplishing your DIY resolutions to make 2021 your best year yet.