10 reasons to change your locks.


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10 reasons to change your locks.

By jonnathan.rivas

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

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Take control of your safety – and that of your family and house – with these 10 home security audit checkpoints.



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Door hardware is often an afterthought. We constantly touch our door knobs and deadbolts, and yet we think about them so infrequently. If you haven’t paid much attention to your door hardware lately, here are 10 reasons to change your lock.

1. Dashing new door

If you got a new door or fixed the frame, this is a great time to get a new deadbolt. All of those elements – the door, jamb and lock – can combine for a secure entryway. If you want your new front (or back and side) door to be as secure as possible, you might want to change your lock.

2. Questionable durability

After your last home security audit , you questioned whether that old deadbolt was still up to snuff. If the latch bolt looks warped or if you’re at all uncertain about the deadbolt’s durability, you might want to change your lock.

3. It’s not a Schlage

We’re biased, but after 100 years in the business, we know what it takes to make a high-quality lock. Schlage rates among the industry’s best in durability and security, according to the BHMA. We’re also already trusted in over 40 million homes, and that includes our own. If you don’t own a Schlage and want to improve your home’s security, you might want to change your lock.

4. Home sweet new home

You moved and you’re not sure if the previous homeowners kept a spare key. Did they remember to collect the spare from the neighbor kid who watched their pets last summer vacation? If you don’t want random strangers having access to your home, you might want to change your lock.

5. Rebounding after a break-in

Some burglaries could have been prevented with a stronger deadbolt or if the thief hadn’t found your fake rock. If you seek greater peace of mind and want to reduce the chances of a second break-in, you might want to change your lock.

6. Key location: Unknown

We get it. Keys are small. They fall out of your pocket or get left behind at the coffee shop. If you or someone with a spare can’t find the key, or your hiding place for the spare has been compromised, you might want to change your lock.

7. Sold on smart security

Schlage smart locks offer the same great benefits as our mechanical ones – premium metal construction, limited lifetime mechanical warranties, stylish design – and more. Give trusted service providers like a baby sitter, dog walker, plumber or even the Amazon delivery person a code so they can take care of business while you’re away. And if you’re looking for remote access, the ability to pair your deadbolt with other devices such as a video doorbell or camera, or if you like the idea of ditching the keys altogether, you might want to change your lock … to a smart lock.

8. Embracing a new life

When your family grows or not-so-little-ones-anymore fly the coup, you need your home to change to fit your new lifestyle. Update your door hardware so that you have the right function like locking or non-locking so you have the right amount of privacy for that office that is now a nursery or a teenager’s bedroom that is now a meditation zone. If you need new hardware for your new life, and want something that changes as easily as you do, you might want to change your lock and make it Schlage Custom Combined Interior Door Hardware.

9. Desperately seeking style

You want to suite the style throughout the house a variety of door hardware designs and finishes so that you can create the perfect look for your home, from the front door to the back and everywhere in between. If you want your exterior front door handleset to match your interior door hardware, you might want to change your lock.

10. Elevating the entryway

A beautiful entryway, and that includes your front door décor, makes a great first impression on anyone who visits your home. Make sure your handleset and deadbolt make the kind of statement you want. To update your curb appeal, you might want to change your lock.

A new lock can do a surprising amount for your home, including help secure it, improve its style and simplify daily tasks. Find more ideas, hacks and information at our blog. And don’t forget to find us on Pinterest and Instagram for even more inspiration.